January 19, 2020

You are spirit amazing and free holding the answers in spaces, sometimes forgotten , sometimes undiscovered , always timeless in living energy . 

December 30, 2018

Sometimes in my sleep  I have dreams of the animal kingdom .  The experiences , and they are like living an experience , are sometimes so powerful that they  awaken me . The feeling of having received  an encounter in a dream lingers until I create a work of art inspired by the animal in…

May 20, 2018

The feel  of  mother earth beneath my bare feet introduces  the sacredness of each step in living . Nourishment given and taken away in a blink and dazzling lies of man disappear  within the whispers  of the trees .  Willing to feel . And I mean Feel . Then the sounds of the heartbeats  of…

May 6, 2018

    A realization that came early on in my life was that when the drive to explore was awakened  I couldn’t  sit around waiting for someone  else to  decide to join me ….or not . That would be too big of an invitation to frustration and regret . Those moments arrive like a click ….

October 22, 2017

Stillness is available .  A quiet mind is yours in any moment  that you choose it . Moments dance through us and around us as we create and seek . welcome the quiet and the fear towards the stillness will run away . And soon after the gifts  dressed as guests will begin to arrive…

October 7, 2017

The world at noon and vacant of shadows when true love is near . Brightness becomes a sense and becomes you , dear . Daylight fades into the shadows of dusk ,  sometimes , lengthening and highlighting glory  of life . Sadness may come stealing  up from the center of remembering  . It gifts you…

July 9, 2017

Our deep longing for creating permanence  in our lives can lead us  astray .  Or , rather , our notions of what it means to have  permanence  .  I wonder …are we so conditioned , most of us , to be afraid of losing  what we have .  We look only at what we have…