May 20, 2018
Divine Wings

The feel  of  mother earth beneath my bare feet introduces  the sacredness of each step in living . Nourishment given and taken away in a blink and dazzling lies of man disappear  within the whispers  of the trees .  Willing to feel . And I mean Feel . Then the sounds of the heartbeats  of life , all life  , will be known to you  throughout  your body and spirit .  Fearlessness  and tenderness  join hands and the choice  is courage .

In the heart are living  wings . They await your call . Always alive in their   love and  in the truest sense of you .

The wonders in the sky speak . Sightings of  their powers will silence your concerns  , turning words into specs of dust for a moment , then turning it all around your passions are offered release . Seek it out and bring it out . Inside your heart are divine wings to soar and soar and soar .

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