July 9, 2017
Impermanence as Beautiful

Our deep longing for creating permanence  in our lives can lead us  astray .  Or , rather , our notions

of what it means to have  permanence  .  I wonder …are we so conditioned , most of us , to be afraid

of losing  what we have .  We look only at what we have as opposed to what we have to gain from making

changes .

As an artist  , when visiting a gallery or viewing collections  , I appreciate the  threads sameness running

through an artist’s  work .  The cohesiveness  providing comfort to the viewer  and no doubt to the artist.

Then I study my own work , looking at it as a collection .  It has a very different  feeling about it .  It does

lead the willing viewer though less directly .  Each work is inspired in a moment and each moment may

be born from a thousand  experiences coming together . In order to give new life to something

meaningful that arrived in pieces .

The moment arrives ,  it guides me inward and then out again , then the painting is created .

It celebrates a life of moments and the willingness to embrace impermanence  . And when I

give from my heart it is then that I sense the comfort of eternity  .

So , within my work there will not be thirty  paintings of  a tree but more likely thirty paintings that

invite  to travel to places in your heart and into your own experiences . 

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