May 6, 2018


A realization that came early on in my life was that when the drive to explore was awakened  I couldn’t  sit around waiting for someone  else to  decide to join me ….or not . That would be too big of an invitation to frustration and regret .

Those moments arrive like a click . A snap of the fingers somewhere and suddenly  the mind , heart and spirit are working together  in a magnificent  rhythm  . Nudges of fear here and there which I question . Are you for real or are you  the unreal sort ?  Were they delivered to me by someone or of my own creation ?

Then there is the loneliness  that we try to escape . It will chase us with the  determination of three time marathon winner .  There are moments when it’s best to open the door for the fear and the loneliness  and learn from what’s there .  It could bring some of the broken pieces  back into the whole and release you from what used to hurt .

I think it’s the bits of giggles that are born unexpectedly that bring new life to the exploring and to the wanderer’s heart .

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