October 22, 2017
Welcome a Bit of Quiet

Stillness is available .  A quiet mind is yours in any moment  that you choose it .

Moments dance through us and around us as we create and seek .

welcome the quiet and the fear towards the stillness will run away .

And soon after the gifts  dressed as guests will begin to arrive .

They arrive to offer assistance . to inspire and to help to you grow .

Laughter can fill your heart while you’re looking over there and then

open up and there it is . A gift from you to the world born from a bit of quiet .




Lorraine Craft

2018-01-12 04:31:51 Reply

I love this piece. Blue is a color I am drawn to the most. Thank you.

    Barbara Chapman

    2018-01-27 17:52:16 Reply

    thank you Lorraine Craft.

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