September 27, 2019
The Moments in Nature

“She calls to us with her colors , reminds of the fluidity  of  passing moments and of the beauty in change .

Fearless when in sync  with the natural rhythms  she provides and accepting of the layers upon layers

of living making us whole .” –


“In this painting I layered the many different colors of acrylic paint and in some instances I created almost

a light wash of color to the painting . In creating  this painting  I was mediating  about nature and the

effects of being still , of being quiet , amongst the trees or near a river or an ocean . And of how being in

nature affords the opportunity  to rediscover the greatness of pure love . Love with out expectation and of

how infinite universe is also inside of each small  living cell  .  Where there is no worthy or unworthy . My

spirit soars into the creative process and it is there that I know freedom . ”

– By the Artist   Barbara L. Chapman


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