March 21, 2018
Honest about the Heartache



In moments  when the heart knows more than I and the ache  is for kindness  .  Then time becomes uncertain  and instinct sends out the call to protect all that is alive  and inherently  good .

The idea of destruction became the action  and the action became  what is normal .  It is a cry inside the heart to live and not destroy .   It can still be heard inside your heart when  quietness is embraced .

Change can still be had   victorious in nature and embracing all life and knowing it’s preciousness  . There is no triumph in an Earth  so barren ,  where even one species  has been destroyed  and the Oceans are overrun with trash .

Ans as we walk past our fellows sleeping in the street what lies do we tell our ourselves so that we can sleep?  we are alive to care  and care we must . Not just to lament with words here or there at a social  gathering but to do and do and do !

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