April 26, 2017
Homeless Youth : A Story told in Paintings and Prose By Barbara L. Chapman

This is a story of resilience  and renewal . In the Artist’s vision the street youth are portrayed standing in their courage and perseverance  .

The artist asked each subject to choose one word to describe themselves .  She then meditated on their choice combined with what she already  knew of their joys and challenges .  Each piece of work combines a photo  of a youth’s torso with Acrylic paint on a wood panel  measuring  18x 36″ .  The artist to chose to leave out the faces of the youth for a couple of reasons . One , so that they will be seen for more than superficial impressions that might be gleaned from  a face . They move through the days and nights largely unseen . Secondly , to protect their  anonymity  .

Barbara has felt driven to give honor to the brokenness  and compassion to the rough edges that , after all , are in all of us .

This exhibit is on show at the University  of Washington  Tower Building in Seattle , WA  from April 2017 through June 2017 .

This show has special  meaning for Barbara  due the fact that she volunteers with street youth at a drop in art center called the Sanctuary Art Center in Seattle , WA .  Also because Barbara has some personal experience from her own childhood that affords her a special  understanding with street youth .

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