December 27, 2013
Hidden Blessings

One of the youth that comes to The Sanctuary Art Center had a delightful idea today. He has a gentle demeanor, is good humored and possesses a quiet strength. He began painting on a canvas  and after he had covered the surface with a powerful blend of colors, he turned it over and began creating a detailed landscape. We talked while we each worked on our paintings. He told me that he wanted to paint on the inside of the canvas so that there would be a “surprise”, something unexpected for who ever might come across it some day.I commented that it would be like a hidden blessing. His eyes lit up and he smiled at this idea. A short while later he turned to me and said “Being homeless is like a hidden blessing. Living free from all the restraints of possessions brings insights and broad perspectives.” Like all the homeless youth that I have the great privilege of spending time with, this young man touches my heart.This image is  the painting that emerged on my paper while he and I talked.




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