June 19, 2017
Courage , Passion and Freedom

      Allowing oneself to be where the heart guides them  to be .

Is that wisdom ?   One morning I awoke with discomfort  in my mind , heart and , what I refer to as , my Soul .   I argued  with myself about  taking  the next step . What would it be ?  I wrestled with pains from choices  made long ago . So long ago that they  were  as if from another lifetime .  Then thinking ” that’s not now . Now is now and I am more than the past .”  In a blink my mind provided a bit , a tiny bit perhaps  , of wisdom .  Obligation is not wisdom .  Does a sense of obligation obliterate self care ?  Should I choose neglect of self over a sense obligation in a situation where no one is harmed ?

Wisdom has become  a curious thing  to me , for now , and is inviting further examination.  And does that alone signify  wisdom ?  This is really quite fun and I invite you join in .

To be continued …..

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